Abi Nash Knows How to Bash A Volleyball

Jacob Hernandez, Reporter

Abi Nash, a junior, is part of Sahuaro’s Volleyball team.  Nash has been playing volleyball since she was in the first grade, and began playing club volleyball in sixth grade. She has been on Sahuaro’s Varsity squad since freshman year.

The Nash sisters are all into the sport.  Morgan Nash, a senior, has been on Varsity since her freshman year as well. Abi’s twin sister, Madi Nash is also on Varsity, and has been so since sophomore year.

Abi says that out on the court, “It’s pretty great, it’s an atmosphere that you can’t explain unless you’re in it, especially being able to trust everyone.” She says that there have been a lot of great moments while playing volleyball. Her best memory has to be during sophomore year. “We beat Ironwood Ridge.  They were supposed to win, but we came back and won.”  It was the first time that a Southern Arizona school team beat Ironwood Ridge in 5+ years. She says her worst moment during her volleyball career at Sahuaro is when she first started on Varsity during the first weeks of practice.  She says she was terrible on the defense, but now she has greatly improved.

Abi says the reason they are doing so well this season is the starting lineup.  They are athletes who have been on Varsity 2+ years and know the expectations. Right now on starting lineup there are 4 seniors and 2 juniors. Morgan is the setter (leader of the court and controls how it goes), Maddie and her are on the outside (the go-to hitters/frequent hitters).

Abi says she plans on playing in college, but just because of her size she doesn’t think she can play at a big D1 college for the position she plays, but could instead go somewhere smaller.

Her advice to others playing volleyball is, “Make sure you show people what you have. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t show people your ability.  Be confident and balance school and volleyball.”