Site Council Minutes for 10/06/2016

Site Council Minutes for 10/06/2016

Date: October 4, 2016 Location: Room 207
Time: 4:07 pm – 4:53 pm

Certified Representatives: 
Eva Lange
Lisa Mooney (absent)
Stephen Long
Michael Halfmann

Student Representatives:
Camila Ibarra
Giselle Enriquez

Parent Representatives:
Maria Saavedra
Christina Hernandez (absent)
Craig Courville (absent)
Nelson Brown

Classified Representatives:
Lori Emrich (absent)
Community Representative:
Darryl Day (absent)

Administration Representatives:
Bobby Estrella
Patricia Hurley
Call to the Audience: No call to audience. Emily Suess, administrator intern, present to observe.

Action Items:
1. September meeting minutes approved by Mr. Brown, seconded by Mr. Estrella

Discussion Items:
1. Faculty Items
a. Update on undesignated tax credit money balance
The PO for calculators and batteries was rejected. Undesignated tax money can only be spent for the use of clubs/sports/fine arts, etc. in which students pay a fee. Originally submitted for Engineering, Mr. Halfmann pointed out that they fall under Skills USA. The money is being kept allocated as we work this out. New water stations – SC approved spending tax credit for this last spring. Mrs. Hurley has met with Facilities several times; our current piping is not compatible for the new model. She is, however, still working on seeking water bottle fill-stations that can be compatible. We are also still awaiting proximas and document cameras. With allocated money still pending, we are left with approximately $7,500. Site Council wishes to use this money in a manner that is equal and benefits the largest population. Currently, the thought is to spend it on a cover for the expensive sound board that is in the auditorium to ensure its safety. Additionally, the auditorium currently must keep all the house lights on all day for safety and monitoring reasons while classes are on stage. The changing of the expensive light bulbs can only happen once per year, as special equipment is needed to reach the ceiling. We are looking into flood lights as a low-cost alternative to keeping all house lights on. Mr. Estrella brought up that there is a Civic Fund – money obtained from rentals of our fields and facilities, which can hopefully be accrued enough to where we can purchase security cameras.
b. Decision update about butcher paper and emergency copy protocol – if you need butcher paper, you may quietly go through the classroom next to the copy room and take what you need. If you need emergency copies made – either bring the papers over to Lori in Finance or one of the assistants in the admin office and they will take care of them for you. It will later be recorded and admin will be informed – just to ensure that no one is abusing the protocol due to persistent lack of planning.
2. Principal report
a. Homecoming week, including the game and all activities was acknowledged for a fabulous job
b. SHS Auto was in the news (and in The Paper Cut) for the 3 current seniors who participated in a summer-long internship. All have been offered employment upon graduation. SHS is leading in Auto city-wide.
c. Band received a $500 grant from the Tucson Symphony Orchestra. Ms. Engel and class received free tickets to TSO and were recognized for the vast majority of students interested in TSO
d. Dr. Thompson, formerly Ms. Dumes, won Junior Achievement Teacher-of-the-Year (see the next issue of The Paper Cut, for all the details)
e. Fall Break is October 10-14
f. Financial Aid night was October 5; October 25 will be a FAFSA workshop in the computer labs as FAFSA has opened earlier than in past years.
g. October 19 – PSAT for 10th and 11th grade; SAT for 1st time administered for 12th grade (Plus writing) and 60 students have been randomly selected to take the test digitally. There are not enough proctors to administer an exam for freshmen, so they will be in the auditorium, with scheduled activities. As of today, there is no set schedule for the 19th as we are awaited district approval.
h. November 15 is Future Freshmen night; October 22 is Cougar Foundation Breakfast
3. Parent report
a. Costco Gift Cards given to almost every department. The parent group will not be a PTSA, but are looking into being a non-profit parent group. Soleng Tom is having their annual carnival on October 22. The Paper Cut, StuCo, and Interact will have volunteers helping from 2:30-6:00 pm
4. Student Council report
a. Service Saturday was successful. Winter Formal is December 9 from 8-11:20 at JCC. Teachers are needed to chaperone. There is discussion of a video about “Keeping Sahuaro Clean”
5. Community report – no community report.
Announcements: The next meeting of the Sahuaro Site Council will be November 15, 2016.