Sugar Is The Most Dangerous Drug

Sugar Is The Most Dangerous Drug

Baileigh Fidler, Reporter

Have you ever considered what you’re actually eating? What you eat on a daily basis should be watched carefully and not just thrown in your mouth. A lot of foods are considered more dangerous than drugs because of the effects they have on your brain, body, and health. This is all because of sugar. Sugar is considered the most dangerous drug.  What hasn’t been considered by people eating these foods is that sugar can cause a lot of health problems that’s just as dangerous as drugs and alcohol or even worse. As you eat foods you enjoy, you tend to eat them more, but do you actually know how those foods/beverages are made? Most of the time your food is coated in sugar; just because you can’t see it a lot of the time doesn’t mean it’s not there. It most definitely is. The population around the world has slowly grown overweight, affecting the body and mind tremendously.  Not only does it hurt your physical appearance, but it also really affects your emotional outlook.

Not only that, but 9.3% of the population has diabetes. Diabetes is mainly caused by health issues and not taking care of your appearance properly. Having diabetes can kill you depending on how bad you have it. It is just like a cancer in a way. Diabetes is a deadly disease, but it can lead to you losing limbs, high blood pressure, and to strokes. This all happens just with unhealthy eating.

That’s not all though, more than one third of the population has obesity.  More than 1 in 20 are obese, and 3 in 4 men are considered to be over-weight or obese, that is 74 percent.

Sugar is killing more people throughout the years and it’s only getting worse.  Even though you may have a sweet tooth for sugar, there are realizations that everyone should face before they continue to binge eat on sugary foods. Sugar makes you very ill and it has no nutritional value at all. Sugar has no vitamins, no minerals, no fiber – it has nothing that benefits your health. Before you eat or drink a bunch of junky type foods/beverages, pay attention to what’s really in them. You might be getting hooked on an addiction you don’t want to have.