Sahuaro Engineering Students Create Renewable Energy Projects


Mr. Davis and Student

Yusuf Rahman, Reporter

If you enjoy creating projects involving the latest technology, and you have an interest in physics and math, then you should definitely take the engineering class here at Sahuaro.

The class creates various projects using renewable energy. For example, something that the class is doing is that they’re going to go to a solar-powered car racing tournament in The University of Arizona Tech Park. The class has been working on creating a car that can run purely on energy from the sun. Their goal is to make a car that is efficient and fast. The solar cars use a photovoltaic cell system, or solar cells, to convert sunlight into energy directly. This type of technology is most commonly seen in the form of solar panels. The class also uses Arduino boards in the car, which are open source boards that anyone can modify or change to what they see fit.

The class is also doing another project using solar energy. They are creating a solar-powered oven that can bake exactly like one you would find in your home (which usually uses gas or electricity). Their goal is to be able to make an oven that can make a variety of baked goods, like biscuits and cookies. They use the same technology that’s used in solar panels and solar cars.

The grade levels that are allowed to take this class are juniors and seniors. It is considered a CTE elective, which stands for Career and Technical Education. Mr. Davis teaches the class in room 405 during 1st and 2nd period. It provides 1 credit towards your elective graduation requirements.

If you enjoy STEM subjects and are interested in using innovative technology, then definitely consider registering for Engineering.