Sahuaro Students Biggest Fears


Autumn Fatovich , News Editor

Ever wonder what your friends at school are afraid of? What makes them want to do anything else besides face their fear? Now that we are in the spooky October spirit, the student body tells their worst fears and why is it their worst.


“Probably dolls because they are creepy and freak me out.” – Robert Boaz

“Clowns because they are scary, and creepy.” When she was at a circus when she was little, a clown ran up to her and her fear has stayed since. -Amber Williams

“Spiders because they can be so small and you can’t see where they go and where they have been.” -Katelyn Lacoy


“My worst fear is losing my Mom because I’ll  never get to see her or hear her again.” -Miguel Ortiz

“Monkeys because I saw someone get attacked by one when I visited Peru.” -Connor Burish

“I am terrified of the thought of sharp things in my body.” -Haley Criger

“I have a fear of drowning because it would suck.” -Kamren Fitts


“Being stranded in mid-ocean because of the unknown and things could grab you.” -Valeria Villanueva

“A terrorist invasion or attack, because live or die you have to face eternal oblivion.” -Justin Schicker

“My fear is cockroaches because they are just gross and are everywhere. This one time I was eating  chips and one was in it and crawled onto my shirt when I was 14.” -Mandy Worrel

“My fear is losing my mom because she is all I have.” -Sammi Peterson


“My fear is ending up like my Dad because he doesn’t do anything and can’t support himself.” -Jaden Walker

“My worst fear is spiders because one time in summer camp a spider jumped on my face.” -Tanner Childress

“I’m scared of light bulbs because they could explode at anytime.” -Morgan Nash

“My Mom to die would be my worst fear because she has been there my entire life and has been the only constant.” -TJ Simon