Factory Farming Needs to Stop!

Factory Farming Needs to Stop!

Autumn Fatovich, News Editor

People around the world consume thousands of pounds of meat daily. To keep up with the high demand of meat, animals are tortured and injected with hormones so they can can meet the standards to be killed and sold. Not only do the animals suffer, it is not good for humans to be around the animals or consume them!

With huge farms to keep all of the animals crammed into, there is major pollution. This causes trouble breathing and people are more prone to sickness. You think that factory farming doesn’t affect you because you don’t live near the farm? Wrong. Animals are injected with many types of hormones so they can get fat and heavy to be killed and sold off for money. This means that you are consuming all of the injected chemicals.

Don’t you just love how cute the animals look in free roam fields on the commercials? How they have all the space they want with clean ground to lay in? There is a known strategy to get everyone to believe this called propaganda. In reality, chickens are given the size of a sheet of paper to live in. They are lucky if they have room to lay down. Chickens are injected with so many hormones to plump them up, that they physically can not hold themselves up because their skeleton can’t grow fast enough to hold themselves up.

Milking cows are locked in metal crates to be milked. They then are kept in metal kennels to live and stand on a metal walkway for their feces to fall into. When they are impregnated, because you know they have to be pregnant to give milk, their lives are shortened by at least 5 years due to being pregnant over and over. After dairy cows give birth, their babies are taken from them immediately so the calves become anemic because of the lack of their mother’s milk, their food, WHAT WE DRINK.

Not to mention humans should not drink milk. Humans were not born to drink cows’ milk so it turns blood acidic. The only way your body knows how to fix this is to take the calcium out of your bones to make your blood okay again.

Therefore factory farming should be eliminated because it abuses animals and it isn’t healthy for humans to consume the meat it produces.