From Cougar to Marine


Jessica Luna, Associate-Editor-in-Chief

After thirteen arduous weeks filled with being yelled at, having your belongings thrown on the ground, runs that seem to last forever, standing at attention for hours, and eating meals in record-breaking time, 2016 graduate, Haydn Chandler, is officially a Marine. Perhaps he was swayed by the fact that his dad served in the Marine Corps, or that he made him a “Devil Pup” in middle school, or that his godfather is a Marine, but when it came down to it, Haydn chose his own career path.  Despite his dad, Social Studies teacher Mark Chandler, wanting him to go to college first and commission as an officer, Haydn wanted to get right in and is presently in the school of infantry.

He says boot camp was “challenging”, but it was totally worth it because they learned to work as a team and he “developed great discipline.”

In boot camp they didn’t sleep the very first couple of days. He says he’s not sure as to why that is, but during this time they all had medical exams. Boot camp consisted of physical training (PT), learning discipline, drill, and working together as a platoon. At boot camp the food is called “chow” and according to Chandler, it was “pretty good.”

When asked why he decided to join he responded with, “I wanted to be a part of the world’s best fighting force. Semper Fidelis, ooh rah, kill.” According to Haydn, in the Marines, “you get the respect that no other branch gets and the same with pride,” and that, “[Marines] are looked at differently in a good way.”

If you’re interested in joining the Marines, talk to the career counselor to find out when the next Marine will be here at Sahuaro to give you more information.