Donald Trump Will Be America’s 45th President

Donald Trump Will Be Americas 45th President

Yusuf Rahman, Reporter

Despite all odds against him, New York billionaire and reality TV star Donald Trump has beaten his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

Many online newspapers like The New York Times predicted that it would be incredibly difficult for Trump to win, with only a few paths to victory due to controversial comments he has made against women and minorities. In order for him to beat Clinton, it was predicted that he would have to win many crucial swing-states (states that have very even numbers of Democrats and Republicans, and often jump between Democrat and Republican) like Florida and Ohio. His chance of victory in these states were predicted to be lower than Clinton’s. However, Trump managed to win both of these states, as well as other important swing-states like Pennsylvania, making it very difficult for Clinton to win.

Throughout the entire election, Trump has been neck and neck with his rival. Many times Trump would be the more popular candidate, while Clinton would also be leading often times. As of noon Wednesday, Clinton stood at 47.7 percent and Trump at 47.5 percent of the popular vote.  However, this wasn’t enough for Hillary to overcome Trump.

Many people voted him because they want the country to have better relations.  As Trump stated in his victory speech, he wants to “seek common ground, not hostility.” However, this is controversial for many as he has made comments on banning Muslims from the country, and building a wall between Mexico.

According to, 63 percent of Hispanics who voted went for Clinton, as well as 88 percent of Blacks voting for her as well. On the other hand, most of the votes Trump got were from uneducated whites. Around 72 percent of white men without college degrees voted Trump, while 67 percent of people without a degree voted for him.

Many people were making jokes about moving to Canada, should Trump win. While most people were joking, many people were truly serious about the decision, as Canada’s immigration website had crashed the night of the election. Canadian real estate agents also report a 20 percent spike in house inquiries. Whether people truly will immigrate or not is unclear, as only time can tell.

This election will go down as one of the most tense in history. From various scandals to controversial comments, it has been one of the most dividing elections in the U.S. Even though the media continuously stated that Trump was going to lose, still managed to do what so many said was impossible – beat Hillary Clinton and in January, become the 45th President of the United States.