Fresh Face: Nathan Schmidt


Samantha Valdez, Reporter

Meet Nathan Schmidt, a bright new freshmen at Sahuaro. Nathan grew up in Kingstone, Washington, near Seattle, and was born on 9/11! In 8th grade Nathan was #2 on his cross country team. “I was always one of the few kids that excelled in P.E.

What do you like about Sahuaro? 
“There is a strong positive vibe.”

What is something that excites you?
“Definitely new experiences, and spaghetti.”

How would you describe yourself?
“I would say I am pretty observant, optimistic, and creative.”

What is your favorite food:
“Spaghetti is my comfort food.”

“Where are your favorite places to be?”
“My favorite places to be would be anywhere with nature, like the park, Mt. Lemon, go hiking or camping.”

What things call your attention?
“I am a very observant person and it calls my attention when someone has leadership, and has self and general respect. I also like noticing how people interact with each other, the way things are, and the difference between religious and scientific thoughts.”

What were some of the biggest changes that happened in your life when you moved to Tucson?
“It is definitely hotter and drier here, it was green very green over there.”

If you could change anything at Sahuaro what would it be?
I would change the water pressure in the water fountains upstairs, change lunch line sizes, allow off campus lunch, and give the school a more creative, childish look.

Any interesting facts about yourself.
I prefer prime numbers over any other number. I am a mathematical person. I am very intrigued in Math and Science areas, and I like to keep learning as I go along.