New Sheriff In Town

Jordon Valenzuela, Reporter

Mark Napier defeated Chris Nanos for Sheriff in Pima County from 56 to 44 percent. Napier will start his term on January 1, 2017. This showdown between them for sheriff was pretty close and very heated as Nanos has 32 years in the Sheriff’s department since 1984 and has been the 33rd sheriff of Pima County.

Mark Napier has 28 years of experience in just law enforcement. During debates, Napier focused on two positions that were open in the sheriff’s department – Chief of Staff and Chief Deputy – that need to be filled as soon as possible, raising the department’s morale, and misuse of funds of the recent PSCD Deputy Chief. The day after Napier was elected, he immediately started talking to the Tucson Police Chief about bringing agencies together and having better practices in communication and on field. Nanos has been under FBI investigation about misuse of funds.

Ending numbers

Napier: 136229; Nanos:112188