The Red And Blue Concert


Nora Thompson

Sahuaro’s Crew Club came up with a revolutionary idea when they decided to have their annual talent show as a competition. Singers and other forms of musicians  were each assigned a color team, (red or blue like Sahuaro’s colors) then the audience was in charge of deciding which team they thought deserved to win. The show started with two eccentric M.C.’s who joked around and occasionally made the audience uncomfortable.

Then the music started; Sahuaro has an untapped reservoir of talent. Each act was brilliantly performed and debuted. Some of them were funny, like Danny Lockhead and Brannon Watters singing a song from Sponge Bob or sweet like William Canalas singing a song for his girlfriend.  At some point it got very cold which we should have expected considering it took place on the lawn by the library.


The musicians that didn’t sing were equally awesome. The viola solo by Arielle Quinn was astounding despite a microphone malfunction, and Sade Brower’s three minute guitar solo was terrific.

It was well worth the freezing weather and microphone issues to see the musically skilled students at Sahuaro and support the crew club because they do so much for Sahuaro.