This I Believe, Showers Are The Greatest Remedy


Giselle Enriquez, Editor-In-Chief

We all start off with baths. We all do. Our guardian teaches us how to properly wash our bodies and hair, taking extra precautions so no shampoo falls into our eye sockets, even though in one out of every five baths, our innocent minds got to enjoy the stinging hell-like sensation of soap in our eyes. But then, once the big girl/boy pants are on, we are off to the next big thing in life – showers. Now I can’t deny I’ve gone through many phases in showering habits. In middle school, I despised being forced to shower. I swore I was clean, I just could’ve used dry shampoo and called it a day. However, as I grew up, the thought of a shower became more appealing. After a long day I could step into the shower and cleanse myself from all the dirt and sin I had augmented throughout the day. Not only that, but I could cleanse my mind and release all the thoughts and words I said or wished I had said.

I believe showers are the best remedy. Showers are an unsolved mystery for most of us, why we stand there and deliberate every life decision or think about why there hasn’t been a roast of Kanye West yet. For me, as soon as I became old enough to be in touch with what the words procrastination, heartbreak, and happiness meant, showers are where I expressed my innermost thoughts to myself.

It was sophomore year when I felt my heart ache and burn for the first time. I felt like the world was on top of me. However, as soon as I stood up and looked at that showerhead, I was not a heartbroken girl, but a clean heartbroken girl. From that point on, showers became a therapeutic thing for me. Every simp sesh and every burst of happiness became that much sweeter in the shower.

Now people can argue that chocolate, medicine, or diamonds are the best remedy, but do any of those have the capability of truly cleansing your soul? It was just a week ago when I became infuriated with myself because of how many things I put on my plate. I had unattended articles to read, meetings to attend, and teachers to talk to. But most of all, I was mad at myself for not fully comprehending exactly what in the hell was going on in As I Lay Dying. I stepped in the shower, and felt a nice heavy flow of droplets fall on me, and I peacefully purged my soul and threw a fit. The fit only lasted a minute or so, but it was after that that I truly felt relaxed and felt that everything was going to be okay again.

Showers truly have the capability of making any problem seem like that much lesser of an issue. So be it, that it’s only while you’re taking the actual shower where you feel sweet relief and relaxation, and once you’re out it’s back to reality. As long as that while you were showering, you fully allowed yourself to get rid of the trauma and stress one can suffer throughout a day.

A shower for me, is like an everyday vacation. I believe in the powers shampoo, conditioner, background music, and water possess. Each and everyday I value a shower more and more.

Showers are the greatest remedy, this I believe.