Meet Mrs. Kinter: A New PE Teacher and Coach at Sahuaro


Yusuf Rahman, Reporter

When you’re the only female PE teacher in a school, the expectations are increased, but new Sahuaro PE teacher and assistant girls’ basketball coach, Mrs. Kinter says she does not mind, even if that means supervising the girls lockers room six period each day.

This is Mrs. Kinter’s third year teaching. Before coming to Sahuaro, she taught at an elementary school in Illinois. She taught there for 2 years, her first year teaching kindergarten and first grade, and second and third her final year there. She has 2 bachelor degrees, one in Communications from Western Illinois University and the other in Physical Education and Teachers Education from Southern Illinois University. As of now, Mrs. Kinter is a PE teacher and Assistant Freshman Basketball coach at Sahuaro.

As assistant coach, she helps out in a variety of ways. For example, some of the things she does are drills (repeated practice of various skills like dribbling), practicing shots, and scrimmaging, which is when team members get divided up and play each other, practicing their offense and defense skills. She attends all of the games the team plays, their first win being at Rio Rico with a score of 28-5.

Her favorite thing about Sahuaro is the community. She appreciates how tight-knit the community is, and that “the kids and staff are all very supportive of each other.” She enjoys being around the kids that she works with and getting to know them. One thing that she does is that she monitors the locker room six periods a day. She is willing to do this, and she enjoys being able to spend time with them. Working with the basketball team and all of her classes is also one of her favorite things because she likes being able to see her students and team working together and cooperating. For her, the most valuable thing she has learned from her time at Sahuaro is how important it is to have a strong teacher-student relationship because good relationship between a teacher and a student leads to success for both people.