Merr-Oreo Christmas

Three Creative, Easy-to-Make Holiday Treats Using Oreos

Merr-Oreo Christmas

When Christmas time rolls around, it seems like it’s a mess getting things for everyone on your list. You spend a ton of money and then you’re broke until the next year, but maybe you don’t have to be. This year you can try something new and all you need are some Oreos and a few simple ingredients.

The following are three fun and easy Oreo treats you can make, that take less than five steps each and are super delicious!

Oreo Reindeeroreo

This first one is rather simple and cute. All you need are: lollipop sticks, melted chocolate, red candy, candy eyes, pretzel twists, and double stuffed  Oreos.

  1. You need to take your Oreo apart, then place your lollipop stick right inside the creme filling, then stick it back together.
  2. Next you dip your Oreo into the melted chocolate. Coat the whole thing.
  3. Then you take your pretzel twists and break them in half or cut them if it’s easier. Now you should have two antlers for your reindeer,which you place between the two cookies at the top.
  4. Finally you can place your candy eyes and red candy nose, letting it dry after.

In the end you can wrap them in plastic wrap and share with your friends, or whoever you plan to share this Christmas themed treat with.

Christmas Trees2

This one is equally as delicious as the rest, but it may behoove you to keep it refrigerated. The ingredients are as follows: green candy melts (can be found at local craft stores,) white frosting, strawberries, sprinkles, and Oreos.

  1. First you will need to melt the green candy melts, and dip your strawberries into it, covering them all the way. It may be easier to place a toothpick on the top of your strawberry and remove the stem.
  2. Next sprinkle your strawberries in whatever sprinkles you chose, then place a little white frosting on your Oreo (or green).
  3. Proceed to place your strawberry right on top of that and let it dry.

With this treat, you can also purchase star shaped candies on the internet to place directly on top or leave it the way it is. Either way, it still tastes great and looks even better.

Oreo ornaments3

The last Oreo teat is also cutlooks good enough to hang on a tree. The following is needed: melted white chocolate, red and green M&M’s, mini Reese’s peanut butter cups, and Oreos.

  1. First dip your Oreos into the melted white chocolate.
  2. While your chocolate is still drying, Place the peanut butter cup on top and decorate your Oreo with all kinds of fun patterns using your M&M’s and let dry.

With all these fun sweet treats, you’re bound to give everyone a sweet, and tasty Christmas, and a happy start to the new year.

You are definitely going to want M-OREO.