Doctor Strange Review

A different perspective on the MCU


Angel Cruz, Reporter

In May of this year, Captain America: Civil War came out, and with it, huge expectations of heroes battling heroes and the Marvel cinematic universe changing forever. While it happened to be one of the biggest movies of the year, both financially and critically successful, I couldn’t help but think that it was somewhat of a let down. I felt like it was nothing new, not even the surprise Spiderman reveal got me to love the movie. At that moment I realized that I was starting to have a fatigue of Marvel movies. When I walked out of that theater I felt like none of what I just watched mattered.

Naturally when I went to watch the new magical hero in action, I was afraid of disappointment. After walking out, and letting my eyes adjust from the dark theater, I realized there was a pattern. The Marvel movies that are considered on the weirder side of the comic book world, like Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, and yes, Doctor Strange, I tend to enjoy, and remember more than the Captain America, or Iron Man trilogies.

The opening sequence doesn’t waste any time, showing what a rush you’ll have through out the movie with a fight scene in London on the literal side of the building similar to the famous Inception hallway fight scene.

In this opening sequence we are introduce to the surprisingly interesting villain, Kaecilius, played by Mads Mikkelsen, also known as Hannibal in the T.V. series, Hannibal that ran from 2013 to 2015 and Le Chiffre in OO7: Casino Royale. The villain he plays is, in my personal opinion, the best villain since Loki in the first Avengers. His motives actually matter, and make you think twice about if he’s really bad or just misinformed about what he’s doing. Some surprisingly funny moments from his character seem to round him out and make him a villain I will remember, something other Marvel villains aren’t so good at.

After the visual thrills of the opening fight, we’re introduced to The Doctor him self. Played by Benedict Cumberbatch, we see the Doctor do a life saving surgery on a man pronounced dead by another doctor with nothing but his eye sight and steady hands. While Dr. Stephen Strange is very egotistical and tends to put himself above everyone he meets, he can’t accept failure and will do anything the achieve his goals. It’s a good mix that that compliments each other in his character development throughout the film.

After a tragic car accident, Dr. Strange doesn’t have the control of his hands he once did, ruining his career and shattering his once high self-esteem. After hiring the best Doctors he can find to fix his constantly shaking hands with much of his savings and no positive results. He leaves to find a spiritual society that has been known to fix not only physical damage on the body but mental ones as well.

After lots of training and studying of the magical ways of the society that has know taken in Strange, he must confront Kaecilius and stop him from releasing Dormammu, The Lord of the Dark Dimension.

I’m trying to avoid as many spoilers as I can of the final climax of the movie but I must say that its truly amazing to watch everything around our heroes and villains travel back and forth through time as they fight.

After watching the spectacle of the final battle and the credits start to roll, stay till the very end of them. You’ll be in for a little surprise.

Doctor Strange is a fun thrill ride and takes the MCU in a new and awesome direction. The story may rush to get through the plot at some points but with the amazing visuals, funny, well developed characters (including the villains), and a great third act, Doctor Strange left me satisfied with what I got but craving more for the future. I can highly recommend this movie to anyone that hasn’t already seen it even if you were like me, starting to get sick of the Marvel movies. I’m so excited to see Doctor Strange along side the other super heroes we’ve come to love so much and what they will do with the newest addition to the MCU.