Sahuaro Angel Tree


Evan Schubert, Reporter

During the holiday season Sahuaro jumps into the festivities through the multi-year tradition that is the Angel Tree. Every school year during the holiday season we join together to help out those  who are struggling. The Angel Tree gathers students who are deprived of certain daily necessities and have their names written down along with what they need, their favorite color and other important facts about them.

The tree sits in the nurse’s office and remains there until the end of the season where staff members come in and pick a name off of the tree, buy them the gift and then bring them in for the student the day before break begins. This tradition lifts Sahuaro by getting them into the holiday spirit before we leave for break in late December and supports our classmates who are the most in need.

Although all of the names have been picked off of the tree you can still visit the tree and learn more by visiting the nurses here in the administration building.