Sahuaro Holds School-Wide Assemblies for Each Grade Level


Nora Thompson

On Monday and Tuesday, the 9th and 10th of January, Sahuaro held four assemblies with each grade level attending a different one so that the administration could address each class individually. Despite the separation, the underclassmen all saw the same assembly about the benefits of taking Advanced Placement classes. The argument was that someone who was taking an AP course would appear more hard-working than someone who did not. Plus, a student who achieves at least a 3 on the AP test can actually receive college credit, saving hundreds of dollars and time.

The seniors, with no more opportunities to enroll in Advanced Placement courses had the “Graduation Talk” designed to instill fear and anxiety in them. The administration told the 12th graders that they should be prepared for the third quarter and not give up on their grades before the end of the year.

All the classes were lectured about the trash that’s getting left around and rotting. The first thing anyone sees is the campus, and us Cougars have got to make sure that we’re giving off the correct message to visitors and upcoming students.

Seniors mostly agreed that they were disappointed.  The anticipation was that Josten’s would be there to psyche the Class of 2017 up and get them riled up for the long-anticipated day of finally graduating from high school.  No word yet on when this assembly will take place, but see our other articles for those freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who will be registering for next year’s classes in the next few weeks.