Register for CTE Electives for 2017-2018

Breakdown of Elective Choices


Giselle Enriquez, Editor-In-Chief

It’s that time of the year again where students can enroll in courses for their future 2017-2018 schedule. Sahuaro offers an impressive array Career and Technical Education courses, anywhere from Culinary Arts to the Fundamentals of Sports Medicine. Read on to discover classes that can turn into careers, Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses offered as elective credits.

Publications for Business

What is this? Well, you’re on it right now! Publications for Business (AKA Journalism AKA The Paper Cut) is a rigorous and rewarding course that lets you in on all the most trending headline news from our school. our nation and the world. The advisor, Ms. Lange, offers this course with a fun/ newsroom atmosphere where you are openly given the chance to write about what intrigues you – sporting events, music and movie reviews, the existence of aliens, or interview one of our talented classmates or favorite staff member. This class also opens the door for photographers, bloggers, and videographers! Join and who knows, you might become the next Editor-In-Chief!

Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts program is run by Mr. Ramaeker in the upper 100 building. In this course, students will learn the areas of food production, identifying and using methods of cooking and baking, and even possible cake decorating and food arrangements. Although it may seem that this class only involves cooking, students will also learn about leadership and business. In this course, they will receive the opportunity to participate in SkillsUSA, where they can gain leadership qualities and provide catering services for outside functions. “The class is really fun, it was an enriching experiences for my high school career,” said senior, Alex Stone.

Digital Photography

I know you enjoy taking selfies, so why not take better quality selfies? This course is taught by Ms. Olstad who focuses on communication media technology. Students will learn about photography knowledge and how to improve picture quality, setting up and taking photos for stylish portfolios, studio set up, and utilizing state of the art photo equipment.

Technology Animation

Interested in learning about 3D Arts and the animation process? Sign up for this class with Mr. Halfmann to set full sail on an anime adventure. Students will learn about data capture and manipulation utilizing Blender, pre-production/ planning, phases of production creation, and how to use state of the art Mac computers.


Sports Medicine (Beginning and Advanced)

Although a challenge, this is known as one of the most exciting courses to take during high school. Students will learn prevention, recognition, treatment and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries. This class offers an extensive amount of benefits such as AED and CPR certification through the American Red Cross and association with HOSA. Our Athletic Trainer, Becky, is incredibly thorough and knowledgeable.

Yearbook (Journalism)

Yearbook is under journalism as an elective course, and here’s yet another opportunity to sharpen your technological skills. In yearbook, students will learn about the publishing and photographic industries, lay-out, graphic design, writing, and editing to produce a yearbook. You will also be given the opportunity to work in a state-of-the-art Mac Lab.

Registration begins in February – have you chosen your electives yet?