Fresh Face: Meet Freshman Trevor Armstrong


Samantha Valdez, Reporter

Is it fun being a twin?

“It’s fun but also annoying because people always call me a different name from what my real name is, so sometimes it gets annoying, but it’s mostly fun.”

Did you ever play stunts on your parents?

“No, just because my mom would just know that something is up.”

Do people often confuse the both of you?

“Yeah, they get our names different most of the time.”

Do you feel that although you and your brother look the same, you guys are very different?

“Yes, I like to play Xbox and he likes to ride bikes. He likes to do crazy stuff and I’m very chill. He’s loud, talkative and I’m usually quiet.”

What is the biggest perk of having a twin brother?

“You always have someone to play with, and talk to, have someone there with you when you try new things.”

Do you guys have personality similarities?

“We are both really competitive. We think our way is the way.  We both like sports.”

Do you feel your parents favor one of you more that the other?

“Definitely not.  They support us equally.”