Senior Varsity Basketball Player Elena Arriaga Scores Her 1,000th Point


Jocelyn Reeder, reporter

On Tuesday January 17th, Varsity Basketball player Elena Arriaga reached her goal by shooting her 1,ooo points. Two minutes into the game, Sahuaro Vs. Sunnyside,  she perfectly aimed a 3-shotter, getting the crowd on their feet and cheering for Arriaga’s 1,000th point. The referees called a time-out and the announcer called out she just scored 1,000 points. Her teammates gathered around her with high -fives, back slaps, and cheers, celebrating her big accomplishment.

Elena has been playing basketball since elementary school around third grade. As a freshman, she started playing on the varsity team.

Arriaga knows this is a huge accomplishment for her and she is very honored to reach it. Only 8 players in the history of the program have been able to reach 1,000 points. When asked why reaching 1,000 points was so important to her, she said, ” It was sophomore year, my teammate Sydney Harden had reached 1,000 points. I knew at that moment I was going to reach 1,000 by the end of senior year. This was a huge goal for me.”

Elena plans on still playing basketball beyond high school. She is looking for college coaches and getting a scholarship in basketball.

How she achieved her goal is she put in a lot more work. She worked hard and came to practices. When asked how her coach felt he replied, ” Elena has been a varsity starter for four years at Sahuaro and is a terrific leader. Her hard work has certainly paid off as she is getting recruited from colleges. Scoring 1000 points is such a milestone. She is only the 8th player in school history to score 1000 points. She has definitely left her mark on this basketball program and she is wonderful to coach.”