18 Year Old Teen Discovers She Was Kidnapped

18 Year Old Teen Discovers She Was Kidnapped

Samantha Crowson, Reporter

Most parents will say that the best day of their life is when their children were born, but not for the Mobleys. Just 8 hours after their baby girl was born in 1998, she was stolen from them by a woman posing as a nurse.  It would take 18 years before they would find out what happened to their little girl.

Gloria Williams, dressed as a nurse, took 8-hour old Kamiyah Mobley from her parents, claiming the child had a fever. For 18 years the girl lived with Williams, believing her name was Alexis “Lexy” Manigo and that Williams was her mother.

This was found to be completely wrong after she took a DNA test. It is unknown what prompted “Lexy” to take the test without her mother’s knowledge.  She refuses to reveal this as she fears for her mother’s future.  Kamiyah told Good Morning America, “From that one mistake, I was given the best life. I was. I had everything I ever needed, wanted. I had love, especially,” she said. “I will always love her.”

Kamiyah has been appearing in court for this case, attempting to save Williams from prison, but naturally remains very confused on all that will happen next.