AP Classes Offered at Sahuaro


English AP Teachers, Hislope and Krause

Yusuf Rahman, Reporter

Sahuaro is full of diligent students who are willing to take on rigorous courses that prepare them for college. Whether you want more of a challenge in your classes, or if you simply want a class that’s more in depth, there’s an AP class for you.


AP Biology: AP Biology is a science course for Juniors and Seniors. The class covers an array of topics, ranging from cell division to genetics. It builds off of the knowledge you gained from your Biology and Chemistry classes. This course is recommended for people who are interested in life sciences or want a career in science. Think like a proton and challenge yourself with this course!

AP Chemistry: This course is also for students in the 11th and 12th grades. The course takes an in-depth look at chemistry. For example, the class learns about the entire periodic table and the elements, as well as how to balance more complicated chemical equations and how different substances react. This is definitely one of the hardest AP classes according to Mr. Carroll, the current teacher. Prerequisites include chemistry and biology.

AP Physics: AP Physics involves more mathematics than other sciences. For example, the class looks at the way forces look. As with other AP sciences, this is a class for juniors and seniors, and requires Pre-Calculus or a higher level math. It is taught by Mr. Davis. If you truly believe the force is with you, take this course!


AP Calculus AB: AP Calculus AB is a 4th year math credit. The course is equivalent to an introductory-level college Calculus course. The class covers topics like derivatives and functions. It is an incredibly difficult course, as a senior said that “only 2 people got A’s in the first semester.” It is difficult because it involves very abstract concepts, as well as the fact that it requires a strong foundation. However do not let this scare you, if you love math or interested in being ahead of the game in college challenge yourself with AP Cal.

AP Statistics: AP Stats is the other AP math option. It is a useful course to have because various aspects of life require the ability to analyze and understand data. It is also very applicable to real life, as you can utilize it on a day to day basis. As such, it prepares you well for college and the future. You won’t be skewed in college if you challenge yourself with this course!


AP English Language and Composition: This class is for junior English credit. Contrary to other English classes, it focuses more on writing as well as skills involved. The class is specifically focused on rhetoric, which is the study of language and persuasion. However, some fictional works are covered. The class also covers argumentative, analytical, and synthesis essays. Mr. Hislope teaches this class, and everyone loves Hislope.

AP English Literature: This is a senior English class. The class covers works from various eras, ranging from the past to modern day. Analyzing written works and composing essays to the tee. Some works introduced in this course will be Frankenstein and Their Eyes Were Watching God.  The Senior project is the best part – pick anything you want to learn and present at the end of the year. Past project included learning how to whittle wood, speak sign language, how to cool Vietnamese, and how to sew your own prom dress.

Foreign Language

AP Spanish: No habla espaňol? This course is the same as a first year college Spanish course. The class emphasizes the use of Spanish in your day-to-day life, including active communication and through writing. You also learn to understand works in Spanish well. Grammar and vocabulary is developed throughout the course.

Social Studies

AP World History: This course covers a huge range of time, from 8000 BCE to the Modern Era. The class teaches students to make global connections, and how we interact throughout history. It involves a heavy amount of reading and writing. AP World History is a class for sophomores.

AP U.S. History: APUSH is known as one of the most rewarding and challenging course. It focuses on the history of the United States from when it was founded, to the present day. You will be getting about an hour of notes every night, and various interactive projects.  It can be very challenging and rigorous, and should be taken if you are truly passionate about history. APUSH is taken in junior year.

AP U.S. Government and Politics: AP Government covers the way  our government works, such as the structure of it to even specifics like how bills are passed and the electoral college process. The course is a good way to understand how our government functions, and gives you a better understanding of the country. AP Gov. is taken in senior year.

AP Psychology: AP Psychology studies the human mind and our behavior. It looks at how we interact socially, our conscience, and how we learn. The different areas of the brain are also studied and learn. AP Psychology is very applicable to real life as it helps you to understand the way humans work. One of the favorite lessons in this course is analyzing your sleeping schedule.

Fine Arts

AP Studio Art 2D Design: In this class, students learn the elements of art by observations, experiments, reflections, and expression. At the end of the year, you submit a portfolio showcasing your work in three major sections: Breadth (the range of ideas to art-making), Concentration (a deep and multiple perspective investigation of a topic), and Quality (shows the student’s most successful artworks). You’ll most likely become Picasso after this course.

AP Music Theory: In AP Music Theory, students better understand the language of music through hearing, reading, analyzing and even writing. You also learn how to identify pitches, scales,  and rhythms through listening. It is a challenging course that requires at least a basic understanding of an instrument.