Girls Soccer Review


Lily Merritt, Opinion Editor

Coach Kruszweski has coached another successful year of girl’s Varsity soccer. The girls currently hold a 13-5-3 record, and are ranked ninth in the state. Coach Kruszweski has led his girls all the way through the Championship game of the Walden Grove Tournament, calling it the highlight of their season.

As of today, their top scorer remains a three-way-tie between senior Annie Spencer, and juniors Shay McNelly, and Claudia Roller. Marlee Reinere, who holds a record of 8 goals this season, says her team has had a great season, but there is always room for improvement, “We could improve our defense. We need to work on teamwork and pushing up as a team.”

Coach Kruszweski mentions that although this season has been one of considerable accomplishments and triumph, the come up has not been easy. “I am very proud to coach this group. It’s been a challenging season, with injuries and illnesses, but this team continues to persevere.”