#Robes For Mr. Ramirez


Daniella Mahler, Reporter

Mr. Ramirez has been involved with Sahuaro High School for many years, and he did a fantastic job each year he was here. He connected with many students, teachers, and parents, and he will be dearly missed. Mr. Abel Ramirez has been teaching for fifteen years, and with Sahuaro for ten years. He’s a Mexican-American, and was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. He’s incredibly proud of his ethnicity and heritage.

He had to leave Sahuaro High because as a teacher he wasn’t given health insurance benefits to take care of his family, so he had to decided to take a better teaching job that would provide benefits to support his family. Unfortunately, Mr. Ramirez wasn’t to thrilled about leaving the family environment he has created here, and neither were his students.

When Abel Ramirez had informed his students that he was leaving Sahuaro High School there were tears in his eyes, as well as the students. He explained the circumstance to his students, and how he would miss teaching them. Mr. Ramirez has always been an amazing teacher that cared more about his students, than just giving and grading their work. He took the time connect, and understand all his students, fellow teachers, and parents.

On Friday, January 20th, 2016, it was Abel Ramirez’s last day teaching at Sahuaro High School. All his students were extremely upset, and wanted to think of a way to honor everything Mr. Ramirez has done. Ben Jackson, a Sahuaro sophomore in Ramirez’s second period class, came up with a hysterical idea….#Robes_For_Ramirez. This was were Mr. Ramirez students would show up to school wearing a bathrobe in honor of Ramirez’s services. Even Mr. Ramirez himself got in on the joke and wore his bathrobe to school.