New Student Experience


Matt Brown, Reporter

I moved here from Colorado about the 20th of December and started school the day after everyone else started. It seemed weird, having a change this big happen all so suddenly. I wasn’t phased though, I knew I could make friends just as quickly I did in Colorado. The building was so foreign to me, but it was easy to learn my way around. The people are just as I expected them to be – culturally diverse and pretty laid back. The mixture of the people and the complexity of the building made my lunch period pretty strange, but I became friends with this guy, Lucas, who showed me around and introduced me to more people. From there, I began to know more about the school, and more people inside of the school. The more I get to know, the more I like about it and it grows on me. I don’t have as many friends as I did in Colorado, but I know I’ll make some very soon. It’s hotter than Colorado, and I’ve been constantly warned about the weather here, and how summer’s gonna beat me up, which I’m not too ready for. I’m glad Colorado was pretty hot in the summers so I can be prepped to some degree. Other than that, getting my life the same way it was in Colorado is gonna take some time, but I know it’ll happen eventually.