Site Council Minutes January 24, 2017

Site Council Minutes January 24, 2017

Date: January 24, 2017 Location: Room 207
Time: 4:04 pm- 5:08
Certified Representatives:
Eva Lange
Lisa Mooney
Stephen Long (absent)
Michael Halfmann
Student Representatives:

Camila Ibarra
Giselle Enriquez

Parent Representatives:
Maria Saavedra
Sunshine Turner
Craig Courville (arrived 4:25)
Nelson Brown

Classified Representatives:
Lori Emrich
Community Representative:
Darryl Day

Administration Representatives:
Bobby Estrella
Patricia Hurley
Call to the Audience: Speakers are limited to three minutes.

Action Items:
1. Mr. Brown approved/Mr. Estrella seconded December 13 minutes
2. Vote on Mrs. Emrich’s proposal for spending of tax credit monies as per December minutes.
Hand-held mic (12 yes/0 no) – when speaking with Mr. Dunn he explained to Lori that Sahuaro has been using the Sennheiser 100-935 G2 wireless handheld microphone system. Unfortunately these systems are no longer available through our vendor, however the G3 system is and is compatible with the other systems we have in place…. The cost is $679.95 plus tax…
HD Projector – (12 yes/0 no) Same info as provided in December. After researching, Lori found out that a projector system with a higher level of lumens would provide us with the better quality projector that we would be in need of. Those systems were in the price range of what was discussed in December ($280 approximately plus tax)
Athletic Participation Fee Waivers (12 yes/0 no) – Students will first apply for the EEF scholarship. If they are ineligible or are denied for another reason, they must meet the following criteria: currently have a 2.0 GPA, be academically eligible. Since we only have Spring Sports left this year, we will revisit the amount at the beginning of next year. The agreed amount is $2,600.

Discussion Items:
1. Faculty Items
a. Estrella, Emrich, and Casetta must meet to update form that is used for students who are leaving Sahuaro and must obtain teacher signatures for return of books.
2. Principal report
a. The TUSD Code of Conduct was sent out to Site Council as well as the staff. Seems to be the first time the board has asked for feedback. The first opportunity to comment has passed, but review your email. There is a deadline for another opportunity to give feedback.
b. Accreditation – all documents have been obtained. Score in on where we rate ourselves, both what we do as a school and where we can improve. February 7-8 a team will conduct a walk-through of Sahuaro and visit classes.
i. Fun Facts: Less than 2% of SHS students “get in trouble”, less than 8% are at high risk of not graduating, and 18% have attendance issues.
ii. Absolute area in need of improvement: AzMerit. SHS scored lower than state and TUSD averages across the board. We are entering our 3rd year of AzMerit
iii. PBIS – discussing having extended (two hour freshman assembly on first day of new school year to teach behaviors.
iv. MTSS – accesses who is at risk to not graduate (1 F or suspended in 8th grade they are monitored)
v. The hassle – it took up to six weeks to obtain the info (not rolled over to Synergy)
vi. The Solution – Clarity (according to Mr. Estrella, it can be like EHarmony). This new system (which we got at the end of November) looks at everything (academics, attendance, behavior, all tests, credits earned) and makes a match for students who need PBIS and MTSS with one click. SHS has 104 students who are at risk to not graduate. 80 are medium risk – these kids can often slip through the cracks. It is made up of data from 24 points.
vii. There is a need for stronger PLCs and teachers collaborating more. This will happen in the next few weeks as we prepare for AzMerit
3. Parent report
a. Costco Night is actually all day on March 8th
b. Parents received student registration forms and are excited about the number of choices students have.
c. They received the first round of Open Enrollment notices.
4. Student Council report
a. Pictures from Spirit Week and the assembly are in The Paper Cut
b. Working on the “Trash” video
c. They did a great job at the assemblies talking about keeping the campus clean.
5. Community report
a. Reviewed the TUSD Code of Contact. Costco’s is 16 pages, TUSD’s is 28 pages. Stated that the length and the verbiage used is off-putting and excessive. Concerned that classroom disruptions are micro infractions and expressed that all stakeholders should provide feedback.
Announcements: The next meeting of the Sahuaro Site Council will be March 14, 2017.