From One State to Another: What it’s Like a Semester Later


Yusuf Rahman, News Editor

Last September, I moved from Torrance, California, a suburban beach city, to Tucson, Arizona, a larger, desert city.

And I think it’s safe to say that it was a drastic difference. I had to deal with a new state, a new school, and even new weather. However, I have adapted to my new environment, making great friends and doing well at Sahuaro High School.

The biggest way I adapted here was through getting involved. Being in clubs, sports, and programs is the best way to make new friends and gain new experiences. For example, I’m currently on the Speech and Debate team, tennis team, and the newspaper staff. The first month I was here, I didn’t participate in much. However, getting involved helped me a lot. Through these activities, I have made some really great friends that have made my experience enjoyable. Rather than sitting at lunch alone, I have a group of people that I know I can call my friends. Furthermore, getting involved in the school helped me to grow. Looking back, I have changed a lot from my extracurricular activities. By being involved, I have learned how to manage my time better, how to make friends, and have become a more mature person.

After living 500 miles away from my old home, I can say this – moving can give you more experience and connections. Experiencing two vastly different places has exposed me to a variety of different people, beliefs, and ideas. Living in Arizona has made me a more open person, and has helped me to make new connections with people I never thought I would have.