The Greatest Love Between Girl Best-Friends


Mekayla Phan, Features Editor

She makes you laugh, she makes you smile, and when you’re sad she’s always got your back. Your best friend. Instead of the usual talk about romantic relationships during this Valentine season, this article is dedicated to sister love at Sahuaro:

Alexa and Madisyn (Left-Right)

Double Trouble, or the Perfect Two?

Juniors Madisyn Arechederra and Alexa Cramer met on the first day of third grade.  “They had an assembly, and I remember she was sitting down next to me telling us no flip-flops. I looked down at her shoes, and they were flip-flops. That’s when I thought she was my friend. That I had made a friend that day,” Madisyn laughs. “From then on, we were inseparable.”

Though they say they aren’t very affectionate towards each other, they still adore one another. “I love that she laughs at my jokes, that she thinks I’m funny. She’s a fun person to be around,” Alexa says about Madisyn. Madisyn smiles, “I love that she makes me laugh really easily. I love that when I’m with her she makes my headaches go away, and that she can just get me out of a bad mood.”  One of the things that they hate is how they both have attitude sometimes – Alexa is an extremely dogmatic person and Madisyn can be really bi-polar. 

Alexa to Madisyn : I’m not going to say as much… You’re my best-friend, you’re forever my friend and no one is going to take your place. I will forever appreciate you, be thankful for you in my life. And I… love you.”

Madisyn to Alexa:You’re my best friend, and I really appreciate you and everything you’ve ever done for me… I know I do have my bi-polar moments, but whenever I come back you’re still the same. Even though I know it’s probably hard. She (Alexa) doesn’t show it, but she really does care for me. When she does certain things it’s like an innuendo that she cares about me, and I love catching them. You really care for me. You don’t say it, but you do. And I love you.”

Two of a Kind

Cavanaugh and Bogess (Left-right)

Seniors Katie Cavanaugh and Katie Bogess met in Freshman Beginning Theater. Cavanuagh says she held a slight grudge towards Bogess in the beginning because they’re both Katies, but as they took more classes together the two gradually grew closer.

“What I love about Katie is how she’s very supportive and caring of me no matter what I do,” Cavanaugh says. Bogess in return says she loves how she can talk to Cavanaugh about anything, and they’ve always got each other’s back. They love to watch shows, listen to their favorite musical “The Waitress” in the car, and go out to get breakfast at Brawley’s. The only obstacles in their friendship they have faced so far is trying to decide where to eat, what movie to watch, or just getting into petty quarrels. “I hate how she’s like my mother…but not like in a bad way,” Cavanaugh says. Bogess laughs, saying that she’s like the “voice of reason” in the relationship.

Cavanaugh to Bogess: “I would want to say thank you to Katie for always being there for me, and for being such a fantastic person in my life. I love her.”

Bogess to Cavanaugh: “Thanks for doing life with me and your friendship is a blessing in my life.”

Fun and Funnier 

Emily and Nora (Left-Right)

Seniors Emily Homan and Nora Thompson met in Algebra freshman year, but became friends in English. They both liked each other’s fun personalities and owned the same shirt. At first, Emily wondered why Nora didn’t have any friends in math, and Nora thought Emily was too cool and popular to be her friend.   

  “She’s so dramatic about everything, she’s like a show and it’s really great,” Emily explains what she loves about Nora. Nora says that she loves that they “never had a bad time together. Every time I’ve been with her, it’s been fun and we are always laughing.” But Nora adds in that she “hates how we pretty much have different views on everything…and if we have an argument, then that argument will last for years.”

They’ve always wanted to go on a road trip together, since they haven’t been on many road trips. But the only thing that would stop them is the difference in music tastes they have – Emily is a Country girl while Nora loves Hamilton and Pop. In the future they see each other in a domesticated partnership owning a house and two dogs. “She’s going to the U of A to become a doctor, and I’m going to be a journalist. So, um, I’m probably going to have to move in with her ’cause I’m not going to be able to make enough money alone,” Nora chuckles.

If they were in a zombie apocalypse, they agree that Nora would definitely not last long.  Emily would most likely survive first since she plays a lot of video games and is probably better prepared.

Nora to Emily: ” I love you.”

Emily to Nora: “I love me too. (Laughs) I love you so much [too].”

Devon and Amber (Left-Right)

Partners in Crime

Amber Lanier and Devon Gates (“Dev”) have known each other for seven years, but didn’t get really close until high school. Devon was crying over one of her exes, and Amber’s first impression was that she “wanted to make that person feel better.” “She was super sweet,” Amber says of Devon. Devon says that Amber has such a bubbly personality. “I love how she’s outgoing, but I hate how I’m not as outgoing,” Devon says. “I love how she’s caring, she’s respectful, and being her friend – being there for her…” Amber smiles. If a zombie apocalypse were to happen, they believe that they would both survive at the same time because they are both “wild”. “We’d probably be buddying up together,’ Amber says.

Devon to Amber: “I love that you became my friend in such a short amount of time and that you stuck around through everything.”

Amber to Devon: “I’m thankful to have you… Always. We are good for each other!”

Kiana, Emily, and LIz (Left-Right)

The Three Stooges

Seniors Kiana Kremer, Liz Larson and Emily Jonatan all met in 7th grade.

 The first impression between Emily and Kiana was that they didn’t like each other. “I thought Emily was a show-off, who just like, flaunted her fancy vocabulary and rubbed it everybody’s face,” Kiana says. “Yeah, no, I thought Kiana was weird. Like anti-social and goth, but was a failure at it,” Emily says. Kiana and Emily agree that when they first met Liz, they were intimidated by her. “Liz was really scary in middle school,” Kiana comments nostalgically. “In middle school she walked in, she was the new girl, and she just didn’t seem nervous or anything. She sat down, and I was like ‘Oh my god, so weird’,” Emily remembers.

But the trio quickly became besties. Liz on Emily: she “hates how I can’t read her sometimes…it makes me uncomfortable that I don’t know what she’s thinking. But what I love about her is she’s super smart and helps me with problems.” Liz says what she hates about Kiana is that she’s such a messy person, but loves that she talks a lot. “Then I don’t have to talk in conversation, I can just listen.” Kiana hates how perfect Liz is and that Kiana’s parents love her more, but loves how Liz is always willing to help and never backs down. Emily hates how Kiana can take her jokes too far, but loves that she expresses her feelings, unlike Liz.

Emily: “I love you guys. The end.”

Liz (while flexing): “I show my love through actions, so I have nothing to say to these people.”

Kiana:I want to say to these guys.. I’m sorry I didn’t buy you any chocolate for Valentines day. Uh… here’s a quarter. A nice shiny quarter.”