That’s The Spirit


Autumn Fatovich, News Editor

Sahuaro’s Theatre Department presented a full length mystery play called That’s the Spirit written by Tim Kelly. They double-casted this amazing performance, meaning there are two separate casts for one play. The play, set in the 1950’s, is about a Hollywood psychic who was murdered in Laurel Canyon Lodge and Claire Voyant shows up to investigate the scene. There are many moments when you think you know who killed Mrs. Jenny Davenport, but the twist definitely left me surprised. The comedic scenes left me in tears, from the funny jokes, to the portrayal of characters. Charlotte Prindle and Frazers’ partnership will have you waiting to what Frazer gets himself into next and how Charlotte will react, leaving you trying to hold in you tears from laughter.

I attended two performances, Cast A and Cast B. Cast A’s  Claire Voyant was played by Myely Martin. She portrayed the character beautifully, creating a light and eerie mood. Each time she spoke, I felt the vibrations. Molly created a harsh and venomous character, Victoria Greenstreet. Cast A and B’s Bud Frazer had the audience amused and awaiting the mention of English murder stories, played by Michael Accurso and Gage Newman. Cast B’s Wayne Hopkins, played by Tyler Petri, had the audience on their toes for his mysterious actions. Ruby ,the maid was played by Abby Woods, who portrayed her character like she wasn’t even acting and had a firey sass to her role.

Once again, Sahuaro put on another fantastic performance!