Fresh Face: Meet Freshman Jessica Gomez

Fresh Face: Meet Freshman Jessica Gomez

Samantha Valdez, Reporter

Jessica Gomez had one off the very first quinces of the school year and it was very big, not Ruby-big, but big. Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors attended her party. A quince is a coming-of- age party that is celebrated when a girl turns 15. For Jessica, all of her friends and family went, even people she didn’t know showed up.

How did you prepare for your quince?

I started planning it in August and I had to plan it on my own because my mom was out of town and I had to go to Mexico for my dress by myself.

Did you encounter any problems?

The day of my quince the cake didn’t turn out the way we wanted. Quince practices would go wrong and I argued a lot with other girls. I also had a hard time getting the music from the choreographer.

Did you have a certain budget? 

Yeah 10,000 although I only used about 8,500.

In your perspective, how was the quince?

It was good. I had fun, it was better than what I had dreamed of when I was little.

How many people did you invite?

It was over 300 people.

Did people you didn’t want to show up, show up?

No I had security, everything was really calm. A lot of people that I didn’t know did show up.

Did you like the music that they played at your quince?

Yeah because they had more Mexican music than music in English, and I liked it.

Do you feel you had enough time to plan your quince?

Yeah I had enough time I had more than enough time.

What would you recommend to anyone who is planning their quince?

Make sure you have your main priorities like the cake, music, and ballroom because my cake came out to a disaster – it was the wrong color, wrong design, everything about it was wrong.