Super Bowl LI

Super Bowl LI

Jacob Hernandez, Reporter

2017’s Super Bowl LI (51) was a great game with a surprising ending, and will be one for the history books.

The two teams that made it to the Super Bowl were the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons who fought for the title of Super Bowl winners. The quarterbacks that led both teams were the legendary Tom Brady for the Patriots and the NFL MVP Matt Ryan for the Falcons.

At the Super Bowl were many well known celebrities, including Mark Wahlberg, Usher, Yao Ming, Randy Moss, Alex Rodriguez, Michael Strahan, Terry Bradshaw,and Erin Andrews.

Before the kickoff began former President George H.W Bush, accompanied by his wife, did the coin toss which determined who would make the first call. The coin landed on tails with the Patriots calling heads, which meant that the Falcons would make the call. The Falcons chose to start with the ball at the second half, so the Patriots began the offense.

-Game Details-

Quarter 1

Since the Falcons chose to start with ball on the second half they kicked it off to the Patriots who started their offense. In the first quarter nothing really happened, both teams went back and forth with the ball with no interceptions or touchdowns. At the end of quarter 1 the score was 0(Patriots) – 0(Falcons).

Quarter 2 

During the first two minutes of game time in the second quarter the Patriots fumbled the ball and the Falcons recovered it which allowed the Falcons to make big advancements towards the end zone. In the first three minutes of the second quarter the Falcons make the first touchdown of the game as well as the extra point, which made the score 0(Patriots) – 7(Falcons). Seven minutes into the quarter another touchdown by the Falcons is made, and another extra point which made the score 0(Patriots) – 14(Falcons). The Patriots were having trouble moving the ball up the field, but the Falcons kept getting holding flags thrown against them (three in total), which resulted in first downs for the Patriots. Three minutes later the Patriots threw a Pick-6 (an interception that is returned for a touchdown), and the Falcons also made the extra point, which made the score 0(Patriots) – 21(Falcons). During the last minute of quarter two, the Patriots were close to making a touchdown before the quarter ended, but a holding call against the Patriots set them back ten yards. So in the last five seconds the Patriots settled for a 41-yd. field goal making the final score before halftime 3(Patriots) – 21(Falcons).

Halftime Show

The Halftime show by Lady Gaga was very entertaining, colorful and well received. She didn’t mention or reference any politics.

Quarter 3

Not a lot went down in third quarter. Seven minutes into the quarter the Falcons made another touchdown and extra point, making the score 3(Patriots) – 28(Falcons). In the last three minutes of the quarter the Patriots were able to make their way down the field and make a touchdown, but they missed the extra point making the score 9(Patriots) – 28(Falcons).

Quarter 4

Six minutes into fourth quarter the Patriots are able to make it within field goal range and make a field goal, making the score 12(Patriots) – 28(Falcons). A few minutes after that field goal the Falcons fumbled the ball and the Patriots recovered it, and went on to score a touchdown plus, the two point conversion making the score 20(Patriots) – 28(Falcons). Towards the last five minutes of the game the Falcons had made big yardage but lost all of it after Matt Ryan was sacked twice. This all led up to the Patriots getting the ball and making big yardage themselves and they eventually made a touchdown after an incredible catch by wide receiver Julian Edelman. After that touchdown, they made another two point conversion which tied the game 28(Patriots) – 28(Falcons).


For the first time in Super Bowl history two teams went into overtime after a great comeback by the Patriots. With the score being 28(Patriots) – 28(Falcons) the Patriots started off with the ball and began their offense once again. During this time Quarterback Tom Brady completed six passes which led to the eventual Patriots victory with a rushing touchdown. The final score of Superbowl LI was 34(Patriots) – 28(Falcons), marking the greatest comeback in Super Bowl History.