Is Global Warming A Hoax?


Giselle Enriquez, Editor-In-Chief

We hear about the level of pollution in industrial cities, and we hear about the polar bears losing their habitat.  Global warming is essentially the increase of earth’s average temperatures due to greenhouse gases released as people continually burn fossil fuels into the air. Global warming has become a controversial topic, in which people have chosen either to believe it a theory or believe we must act now before it becomes too late. Recently, both sides have become more vocal on their stance about human-induced global warming. As of now, it is either thrown on the back burner by some politicians and influencers, or created an uproar within others.

To save you time from going through the immense workload that is googling, “Is global warming even real?” here’s the low down on the recent scientific findings on this disputable topic.

According to an article written by John Hawkins on Townhall, the four primary reasons that skeptics do not believe global warming to be human induced include the fact that temperature of the planet has remained flat for 17 years, the Arctic ice is up 50% since 2012, previous predictions have been wrong, and scientific theories that were once true are now irrelevant.

However, many environmentalists argue that there are many vital signals that suggest that the issue of global warming should be a priority for everyone. According to NASA’s Global Climate Change Project these vital signs include global sea level rise, most of the global temperature warming has occurred in the past 35 years, warming oceans, and decreased snow cover.

So do you believe? Different sites will always tell you different things. It is important that if you are passionate about the topic, that you do some investigation yourself. Go out and make a difference!