I Could Listen to Morgan Freeman All Day

Krystina Vazquez and Jessica Luna

I Could Listen to Morgan Freeman All Day

Michael Accurso, Creative Contributor

Morgan Freeman has played God, a prison inmate, a boxing trainer, and had a bucket list; now he is my Sahuaro High School teacher.

Morgan Freeman would be the perfect teacher. He is a phenomenal actor, and an awesome human being; I wouldn’t be surprised if he really was God. Just think about it. Imagine waking up really early in the morning and you dread going to school;  you just can’t deal with the day. You don’t have to worry because you know that when you go to school, the legendary Morgan Freeman is there to get you through the day with his magnificent voice.

Every time he smiles, he makes it seem like the world is going your way. What kind of teacher would he be? What does he teach? It doesn’t matter what kind of teacher he is. It’s Morgan freaking Freeman. That should be enough. He would teach all the subjects, because he is just that good. He would also give wise advice about life. He would narrate your life for you with his vocal powers. Morgan Freeman would be laid back, but at the same time be disciplined. He would be the perfect concoction of what the best teacher is. People from across the world would transfer to Sahuaro just to meet the miracle that is Morgan Freeman. His students would be the best behaved children under the tutelage of Morgan Freeman. No one would dare defy him. Everyone would just have too much respect; they would be paralyzed by the awe- inspiring teachings of Morgan Freeman.

Need I remind you that he is Morgan Freeman. Just his name alone should make you giddy inside and out. During class he would quote all his movies, and narrate the classroom like it was one of his documentaries. You will be hypnotized by his soothing voice, and your attention will always be on his marvelous freckles of truth. He would give us advice from his vast knowledge and never-ending wisdom. The best thing is that Morgan Freeman is practically immortal, so he could continue teaching for generations and generations. When he is working on his movies, he can give us inside scoops on Clint Eastwood and Tim Robbins, and maybe even bring props from his movies. He has so many stories to tell from his many years of life, that we would never get bored. Why would we? He is Morgan Freeman after all.

Morgan Freeman has one of the most beautiful tones in all of mankind. Almost nothing can compare to it. Maybe 500 puppies all harmonizing together, and singing “Don’t stop believing.” Maybe. One of his many inspirational quotes to come out of his mouth is: “The best way to guarantee a loss is to quit.” Morgan Freeman, with all of his knowledge would be the perfect teacher for me. He is funny, wise, and god-like; no, he is God.