Attempt to Impeach


Matt Brown, Reporter

According to Time Magazine, more than 650,000 people have joined a campaign to impeach President Trump. President Trump has issued a number of controversial executive orders, including an immigration ban from several predominately Muslim countries, which was temporarily blocked by a federal judge on Feb. 3rd. It’s not much of a surprise that people are working towards his impeachment, as there have been several riots, rallies, and marches against him. People hold signs that read “Not my President,” so this must have been anticipated to some degree. The issue with this online petition is that he cannot be impeached for the simple reason of being disliked. There has to be a major contributing factor if this act is going to be considered. His approval rating is at an all-time low, but he can’t be impeached for nothing. He would have to have been found guilty of something like treason, bribery, or other “high crimes and misdemeanors.” The creators of this petition are asking people to sign, to get the attention of Congress to consider taking action. The online petition was created on Jan. 20th, the day of his inauguration. Recorded at about noon of the 7th of Feb., the petition had 655,363 signatures. The campaign site promises to periodically continue to update the signature count as it grows.