Auto Hosts Car Show


Max Becker, Sports Editor

On Saturday, January 28th, a car show was hosted at Sahuaro High School for the first time this year. The event was almost entirely set up by the Sahuaro Auto Club, and featured over 50 cars and drivers, as well as a sizable amount of spectators. Some of the highlights included a Ford Model T Roadster from 1915, and a jet-powered dragster. Other cars included drag  cars, trucks, and Camaros.

There were competitions held for several categories of cars, including Best of Import, 50’s and Prior, 60’s, 70′ and Up, and of course, Best of Show. In addition to the contests, there was also a live DJ, food truck, Girl Scout Cookies, and a live vehicle-wrap demonstration.

“Beautiful weather, and really good feedback!” said Mr.Ramsey, the Auto teacher at Sahuaro High School. Although he informed me that they spent more money than they earned, they are optimistic for their next car show, already planning one for the beginning of next school year.

If you are interested in attending or participating, keep up with the Sahuaro Auto club for details!