Why Valentine’s Day (Kinda) Sucks

Why Valentines Day (Kinda) Sucks

Matt Brown, Reporter

V-Day – the Hallmark-made holiday we all know and (some of us) love, where you go out, buy chocolates and candies and give them to ones you like or love, and show them your affection with plushy toys, balloons, and sweets.

It sucks.

In the United States, Americans spend $19 billion on candy and toys for their significant others. What is it that makes this one day the day we should go out and spend money on another person? Affection should be shown to people you love year-round and shouldn’t have a day where people have to go and get things. The average person will spend up to $150 dollars on toys and candies, complete with a dinner and anything else that is planned. So the question it raises is what’s so bad about that?

The problem with things like this is that love should be expressed through actions all the time, instead of rushing to Walgreens to buy candy, cards, and whatever else at about 9 at night. Are people wrong for buying into the holiday? No, not at all. People that show their affection aren’t bad, it’s the fact that this is considered the one day to go out and spend the most money on things that don’t benefit either of you. Again, this may be the standpoint of a single guy, but I don’t think that feeding into the holiday is much of a good idea.