Rossmiessl Feels The Love With Surprise From Students


Autumn Fatovich, News Editor

The Sahuaro Fine Arts department received a new edition to the family this school year. Bridgett Rossmiessl, a Sahuaro grad, replaced the beloved drama teacher, Geri Wharam, after she retired last school year. The theater department is one, tight-knit, huge family, therefore her intermediate class decided to throw her a surprise birthday party. But there was a problem, she wouldn’t be at school on Friday February 17th, so they recruited Orchestra teacher, Mr. Marrs to help plan her party.

Mr. Marrs was able to pull Rossmiessl  from her first period long enough for the intermediate kids to plan a big surprise. Everyone got together and decided on a cake, decorations, and food. To our surprise, a week before her birthday, we found out from her mother that Ms. Rossmiessl could not consume gluten. We searched frantically for a gluten-free cake that was affordable for our budget and decided on a chocolate fudge vegan and gluten free cake. The cake situation was under control, but Intermediate had another thing to worry about.

Rossmeissl was doing auditions Thursday morning during conference, so Intermediate had to sneak around to be able to put up decorations. Luckily, she held auditions in the back room, allowing the theater to be empty. We had people on both doors watching for her and a piece of wood blocking the window in case she entered her office.

Marrs grabbed her from her office and led her to the choir room while everyone finished the final touches on the room. Streamers of blue and red were spread across the classroom, a spot light on in center stage, the cake out with balloons next to it, balloons scattered the stage, and everyone hiding behind the curtain.

Literally 6 minutes after hiding being the curtain, waiting for her to come in, we sent off someone to go get her. When she finally arrived everyone yelled SURPRISE and it came as quite a shock to her. She was led to the podium holding her cake and card. Her smile is something the intermediate kids will not forget. “The surprise made me feel loved and appreciated. It’s very rare for a teacher to get gifts so I’m happy to have my students do such a thing.”

Everyone celebrated with a chocolate fudge gluten free vegan cake, cookies, chips, and waffles. After the party was over, I asked Marrs what it was like to be a part of Rossmeissl’s birthday and he joked, “It was great. She is the best and we are all very excited to share her birthday! She looks great for being 49 years old! The cake was amazing too!”