NASA Makes New Space Suits


Lukas VanProosdy, Reporter

NASA has created a new space suit that is lighter, more comfortable, has more range of motion and is just as safe as the previous space suit that weighed 30 pounds, but 10 pounds less. The design looks like something that would be in a movie. Some helpful features that the new suit has are touch screen gloves, vents to help keep the astronauts cool and a integrated helmet, visor, and shoes. The new suit lets water vapor pass out, but not air.  Unlike the hot bulky older suit, there are also different materials used where joints are and strategic zippers to adapt to suit different conditions. It’s important for the astronauts to be comfortable and still be safe, and so far the new space suits have delivered that. Before testing the suits on an actual flight, the astronauts need to practice using them and get used to the feeling and new features they have. Astronauts plan to wear the new suits on launch day aboard the Starliner.