SHS Feeling the Love


Samantha Crowson, Reporter

Sahuaro’s air is polluted with love, just in time for Valentine’s Day. And everyone is feeling the love.. Valentine’s gifts are traditional, and all around school many students carried around teddy bears, flowers, and chocolates –  some from friends some from boyfriends/girlfriends.  On Valentine’s Day, our school has an aura of “love”, and i’ts hard to find one person who hasn’t been struck by Cupid’s arrow. Students like Sandra Hall, shown with a smile on her face, were excited to celebrate V-Day. “You don’t need a soul mate on Valentine’s Day, only the people you love and that love you,” she said.

One thing Sahuaro is accustomed to, is a tradition of putting hearts with every student’s name on it, hung in the halls.  Usually students will pick someone’s off the wall and wear it around school. This year, on the other hand, Student Council decided not to put names on the hearts, they put the best interest of the students first. This year they placed no names on the hearts, so those students who remained on the wall would not feel left out.

Most remarked that this was a way better idea.  Some had been horrified in past years to learn that their names were being worn on the hearts of strange stalkers who they had never met, others said they always felt bad for the lone kids whose names still despondently clung to the wall at 3:15.  The Fry’s at 22nd and Kolb reported that they had sold $20,000 worth of flowers just that day.  Now that February is over, guess we can go back to showing each other how much we love one another with our words and actions instead of expensive gifts…