My Favorite EDM Artists and Why


Matt Brown, Reporter

I’m a music junkie. Not even for good music. When someone asks me what I listen to, my answer is always “trash” or “garbage.” For people who want to know what I listen to, here it is, and here’s who makes it.

EDM is what I listen to. It stands for Electronic Dance Music and is exactly what may come to mind; dubstep and incoherent noise. For some (like myself), this may be a first choice on what to listen to, and for others, it’s what they stay away from. I know so much about this genre, so here’s my favorites and what they make.

Top pick: Getter

His music style differs from producing rap, to making songs that cause neck damage from headbanging. He often makes songs with the famous rap-duo the $uicideboy$, and produces for someone else named Dumbfoundead. His beats stay stuck in your head and his production quality never ceases to amaze. On top of that, his sets are absolutely brutal. I’m honestly glad to say I met him and got to headbang at his concert. (The picture of me and Getter is the cover photo)

Next pick: Dillon Francis

The (almost) creator of Moombahton (House and reggaeton fusion) that never fails to create a bad song. His sense of humor is just as good as his production style. His songs are the kind you play on repeat and could either chill to or rave to. People anticipate more of his music, as he is currently sitting on about 31 unfinished songs, according to one of his tweets.

Next up: Snails

Snails is a producer from Toronto, Canada that makes the sickest beats and the grimiest basslines. Grimy isn’t even an understatement; his signature is making basslines and synth leads that sounds like a snail. Another signature of his is that he “breaks necks” at concerts, meaning he makes people’s necks sore and stiff the day after one of his concerts. Why? Headbanging.

Next: josh pan

Yes, the lowercase is a part of his stage name, along with all of his song titles. josh constantly makes songs that appeal to the EDM community, but makes the bassiest beats when it comes to rap. He produces for Dumbfoundead, along with Getter. His songs never cease to amaze people that like to have minimal drops, in terms of sounds. He always has bass lines and other sounds playing, which may be an influence of the music duo X&G. Also, josh pan’s twitter feed is hilarious.

There are other producers that could be put into this, but I listen to so many, keeping up would be difficult. These, by far, are my favorite artists in the EDM community. They all have given me the inspiration to be a dj and a producer. My hope is that one day, the people I look up to, in terms of music production, will be friends that I can casually hang out with and dj back to back with.