List of Horrifying Creatures That Can Enter Your Body

List of Horrifying Creatures That Can Enter Your Body

Jocelyn Reeder, reporter

Recently, there was a report of a live cockroach pulled out of an Indian woman’s sinuses after it entered her nose while she was asleep.  According to National Geographic, in a period of two years, a South African hospital pulled 24 critters out of people’s ear. This brings up the type of question of what exact insects can actually enter your body?


Roaches are most commonly found in the human body. Roaches search for food anywhere and earwax might be appealing to them. According to National Geographic, entomologist Coby Schal stated, “Earwax harbors bacteria that produce compounds called volatile fatty acids. Meat also emanates  these compounds, so a cockroach could go in to explore and then get stuck.” Even though they might find the earwax appealing, they aren’t parasites.


According to National Geographic, in 2010, scientists described a particularly unnerving leech species in Peru with huge teeth. So far it has only been found in nostrils, which was reportedly very painful. Some leeches are known to enter any orifices they can find. Examples are eyes, nose, mouth, both male and female parts, and the rectum.

Other insects:

Flies will invade and consume human flesh by laying eggs that hatch into maggots. Maggots in the body are called myiasis. According to National Geographic, In 1783, a Jamaican surgeon attempted to remove maggots from a patient’s nose and he had to use everything from rum to powdered mercury blown into the patient’s nose. Other insects including ants, ladybugs, wasps, and yellow jackets have been reported.

Not to worry though, the odds of waking up with an insect inside of you is very slim. The reports are most common in the tropics, where there are more insects.  Your best chances of keeping insects out of you, is to eliminate infestations in the home. For example making sure food is secured, put away, and kept out of the bedrooms.