Healthiest Subway Picks for Adults and Kids

Healthiest Subway Picks for Adults and Kids

Samantha Valdez, Reporter

Subway’s menu contains soups, salads, and of course sandwiches. But which sandwiches are the best?

For Kids: 

The healthiest sub for kids is the Roast beef mini sandwich on nine-grain wheat bread. With apple slices and low-fat milk, it’s the sub with the most protein, and it has the lowest sodium.

If you prefer veggies, a Veggie Delite sandwich with Monterey Cheddar is a good choice, because cheddar has less sodium than American cheese.

For Vegetarian Adults:

The best sub for vegetarians is a toasted Veggie Delite sandwich on multigrain flatbread with shredded Monterey Cheddar. And if you’re in the mood for a salad, try the egg whites, cheese, avocado and oil and vinegar dressing salad.

For Vegans:

For vegans the best choice is a Veggie Delite sandwich on Italian bread with vinaigrette. Or the choice of a Black Bean soup.

If they also want a fiber-rich meal, they have the choice of a Veggie Delite sandwich on Italian bread.

For those calorie counters:

Keep your calories in shape with a turkey breast salad or Black Forest ham salad with honey mustard dressing or turkey breast sandwich on nine-grain wheat bread with honey mustard sauce.

Sugar sensitives:

If you are sugar sensitive or just keeping track of what you eat Subways got you covered. A Turkey breast sandwich with Monterey cheddar cheese has low amounts of sugar or a tuna salad with oil and vinegar dressing you also have the choice of an oven-roasted chicken salad.

Gluten sensitive:

If you are gluten sensitive or are avoiding gluten in your diet Subway’s soups are a good choice black bean soup or broccoli and cheddar soup are the two best options for you. Subway’s Rotisserie-style chicken salad is also a good choice for a gluten free meal.

For Breakfast: 

For breakfast Subway provides egg whites with Swiss cheese, spinach and tomato on multigrain flatbread. Subway offers both eggs and egg whites.