Daniel “Woodro” Foster Raps at Tucson Hip Hop Festival

Daniel Woodro Foster Raps at Tucson Hip Hop Festival

Matt Brown, Reporter

Daniel Foster, also known for his stage name “Woodro” is a sophomore and an aspiring rapper. He has been making music since 8th grade when his depression started hitting really hard. “It started when I was about 5, my dad taught me how to beat box, and from there, I got more and more musically interested. I was rapping at about 6th grade, but 8th grade was when I started actually making music and rapping.” His main musical inspirations include jazz, 90’s grunge, and rap from different time periods, but he listens to whatever music he likes, so it doesn’t get in the way of his lyrics. Daniel’s main desire in the music business is “to be relevant and spread a positive message to the teenagers of suburbia that aren’t represented.”

Over Rodeo, Woodro was in the Tucson Hip Hop Festival, and rapped a 15 minute set. The event, established in 2015, has blossomed into a massive and inclusive celebration with over 60 rappers.  Before the festival, his music got radio time on 98.3.  He made an ad for the festival and dropped a song he just made, which is going to be on Spotify and Apple Music. “It was a cool experience, hearing myself on the radio. It got me a lot of credit and popularity,” says Daniel. “There’s a lot of artists I’d like to work with, but at the moment, I would just like to be relevant and have some kind of message. I would love to come back to Sahuaro and give a talk and inspire the people here.”

The last thing he wanted to say to the people reading was, “If you like my music, be sure to tell people about it so you can give me some kind of momentum.”

As someone aspiring to be a dj/producer, making a song with someone like Woodro would be a dream of mine, and it seems like we’ll have that opportunity at some point, be it high school or life.