Patterson Becoming a Bobcat


Economic and Government teacher, as well as wrestling and freshman football coach, Christopher Patterson announced after the wrestling season he will not be returning as a Cougar for next school year. Patterson will be leaving to join Cienega, and has no regret because he feels it’s time for a change, which everyone sometimes needs in life. This position at Cienega could open many more opportunities for him and his family. He will continue teaching and coaching wrestling and football, but will make the switch over from Social Studies to teaching Health. He will continue to coach varsity wrestling and freshman football.

Patterson has been working as a teacher here at Sahuaro for six years and even graduated from Sahuaro. His favorite memory is coaching wrestling and being able to see the young men grow up and become successful; he will miss wrestling the most. He hopes his students will remember him as someone they could rely on, someone who had their back, and hopes his class remembers getting involved in government and using money properly. He will definitely not miss the obstacles TUSD puts in front of it’s teachers, but he is looking forward to how Vail District will treat him.

I asked two of his previous athletes how they felt about him moving schools and senior, Deshawn Gill said, “Well I hate that place so it hurts a bit but I’m proud of him doing what’s best for him and his family. He’ll get paid more and he gets away from TUSD. He will be treated well over there.” Senior, Alex Enriquez, stated that he wrestled for him for four years and said he wishes he could stay here but, “at the same time he’s leaving because it’s what’s best for his family and [he] can’t help but respect that.” His colleague, Mr. Chandler says of him leaving, “I’m going to miss standing in the hallway, talking trash with him. In all seriousness, Sahuaro’s loss is Cienega’s gain.  We are losing a champion of the students.”

We are losing a coach and a fantastic teacher, but we wish him the best at Cienega. In his spare time, Patterson will continue working with a local publishing agency on his book that has sold over a thousand copies, and he has even started working on a new book.