Once Upon A Wolf


Matt Brown, Reporter

The new show from the intermediate theater class is called Once Upon A Wolf. The play is about a wolf trying to fit into any story he can. He’s constantly screwing up stories in his attempt to be a part of them and get away with trying to be the good guy. He attempts to be Goldilocks, the fairy god mother in Cinderella, and a prince at one point. He sees how life is from their perspective and tries to figure out what kind of a person he wants to be, all while the granny narrating the story tries to convince him otherwise. His overall problem with being a wolf is that people want to cut him in half, boil him, and just overall avoid him for being a wolf.

Being the wolf in the show, I think the show was absolutely wonderful. Not just the show itself, but the actors and crew behind it. Without the help of the actors and crew, the show probably wouldn’t even be considered. Everyone in the show was absolutely amazing.

Although there wasn’t much rehearsal time, other than an entire month to get the lines down and the set made, it had an amazing turnout. Approximately 120 TUSD elementary students attended three performances over the course of two days.  Every child that watched had a wonderful time with the included audience participation and fourth wall breaking (which is when the actors speak directly to the audience), and the adults had a good laugh as well. The cast had a fun performing when the crew actually cooperated with one another and made the show as delightfully hectic as it was.

Throughout the show, there was a lot of improvisation used to add on to the punchlines and create our own. Improv was used when we forgot a line, messed up, or just thought it was well-placed. The overall outcome, from the several compliments everyone received, was good for both the cast and audience. They got their money’s-worth, and we got our rehearsal time’s worth.

Daniel Foster, who played the woodsman and a lion, made the pre-show entertaining, as he played with the kids and joked around with the adults and cast. “It seemed too boring before the first show, so I decided to make it worthwhile for the kids and crew. Just to get everyone pumped up,” says Daniel. “Even though I fell off the stage during the last performance, I played it off well enough where people thought it was a part of the show,” says the Evil Step-Sister, also known as Gabi Brazzell.

The only thing left to say is that if you missed the show, you missed out.