Sahuaro Choir Students Who Made Regionals


Daniella Mahler, Reporter

On Saturday, February 18th 2017 Sahuaro High School’s Choir students who were able to sight-read well(which is reading music without seeing it before) were able to participate in Regionals, and those who succeeded will be able to go to All State Choir on April 8th, 2017. Regionals is a choir event where young adults from all over Tucson, Arizona audition to participate by sight reading and performing solos.  This year Sahuaro had the most students that were able participate in Regionals than ever before. Ms. Suzie Barnes, Sahuaro’s Choir teacher stated, “This was one of the best regional experiences I’ve ever been to! These students were expected to show up on time, and have good behavior on a daily basis. I’m extremely proud of these kids.”

Sahuaro students who made Regionals are: Lanissa Patterson (16th chair alto), William Peck (23rd chair bass), Ramal Hairston (10th chair tenor), Aldyna John (24th chair), Zoe Thomas (5th chair alto), and Veronica Martinez (alternate). Sahuaro students who made Regionals, and All State Choir are: Lylah Field (1st chair soprano), Justin Schicker (10th chair bass), Barbora Vrlihorá (8th chair soprano), T.J. Simon (2nd chair bass), and Sean Leonard (8th chair bass).

Senior and 2nd chair bass T.J. Simon shared his thoughts about Regionals stating, “I had a great experience with Regionals and All State Choir and I’m forever grateful for the people who have given me the opportunity too!” T.J. auditioned and received the second highest score of all the basses. He was able to do this by sight reading everyday, and practicing his solo until it was perfect. “Benefits of experiencing Regionals is that everyone in the choir loves to do what they do, and will work as hard as they can to produce the best sound they can.”

Ramal Hairston is a junior and 10th chair tenor who was accepted to attend Regionals. He states, “Regionals was a whole lot of fun! The music was a little hard to learn, but in the end it was definitely a great experience.” His main goal was to perfect his sight-reading skills. Although his goal hasn’t been fully reached yet, he will keep practicing until it is. “I loved participating in Regionals!” states Ramal. He says he would  definitely try out for Regionals again because of the fun he had, and the benefits it came with.

Another choir student who was able to attend Regionals is Sahauaro senior William Peck, the 23rd chair bass. He says, “Regionals was one of the best experiences I’ve had with Choir. The song selection was very broad and interesting. I can’t even begin to describe how much fun I had performing and singing the songs with the clinician.” To be able to make Regionals, William had to do tons of sight-reading practice, and spend a lot of time on correcting his solo.”I totally enjoyed myself at Regionals because the music was a lot of fun,” William states. He enjoyed being at a place with people who shared a common interest in music with him.