The Shred Collective (Pt. 2)


Matt Brown, Reporter

Finally, the long-awaited arrival of the Shred Collective.

So, what is it?


At exactly 12 o’clock on March 6th, everything came out. They released a picture that said:

“wat is shred collective?”

and there were several boxes  that said “record label, clothing brand, artist collective,” and underneath, there was a box checked off that said “all of the above.”

Upon seeing this picture, I became ecstatic. Can you blame me though? It’s a collective made by my favorite artists, where they’ll all release their music, make collaborations, and clothing. Everything I could ask for in one spot. I bought one of their shirts as soon as they came out with the collective’s website.

Getter released a track to commemorate the start of his collective called “Inhalant Abuse” which is probably considered garbage to most, but it’s my new favorite song. It has a bass-y beat, coupled with slightly off-tempo metallic-sounding leads and breathy vocals to make the perfect drop. As time progresses, there is going to be more music released, more merchandise, and (eventually) concerts/events. I couldn’t imagine anything better.

During a livestream, Getter stated that he “wanted it to remain a friend-based collective,” but is “more than willing to sign more people into the record label, as long as we can all be friends. I want this to be a friend based-collective of people just doing what they love.”

My new dream is to join this collective and dj with people that I hope to call friends one day.