Pulling a Fire Alarm Bad News If You Get Caught

Pulling a Fire Alarm Bad News If You Get Caught

Samantha Valdez, Reporter

You’re in your 3rd period class and the fire alarm goes off…again. For some, it’s a way out of the class they hate, and for others it’s plain annoying and unnecessary. So what happened to the person (or persons) who decided to pull the alarm? I wanted to get different points of view, so I spoke with Assistant Principal Mr. R.J. Lundstrom, and interviewed a couple of students from Sahuaro asking them the same question, “How do you feel about the recent fire drills?”

This was the interview with Mr. Lundstrom.

What happens if you get caught pulling the fire alarm?

“You’re getting arrested, because it’s a felony, and we will press charges. It’s in the TUSD discipline guide. They will get arrested and suspended long term (over ten days).”

What are some of the measures being used to stop the false alarms?

“We discussed strategies – pass restriction, monitor hallways, let the students know they can report something anonymously.”

How do you feel about the fire alarms?

Sahuaro students had similar perspectives.”Whoever is pulling them needs to stop. Cause there’s no point to it. Like the first couple of times may have been funny to the people who pulled it, but there’s no point now.” ~Matt Brown Junior. Also Danielle Mahler a sophomore said. “I think its humorous, because it was unknown to the kids pulling the fire alarm that they could get a federal offense and now they are getting consequences for their actions.”

What happens to the people who pull the fire alarm? First off no matter how old you are it is considered a class one misdemeanor. No matter if you’re an adult or a juvenile, you have to show up to court. Suspects can pay up to $2500 dollars or spend a year in jail, and there are extra charges for people who pull fire alarms in schools.