Artist Spotlight: Vivian Nguyen


Sidney Moyers, Reporter

Junior Vivian Nguyen is a very talented artist who has been drawing for around five years. She loves creating anime and cartoon-like characters and is inspired by artists Kazuki Yone, Danica Sills, and Laovaan.

Vivian’s favorite part about art is when she is able to “watch a pencil sketch turn into something really soft and colorful.” And while she enjoys the creative process and the way you can give a message to an audience, she dislikes the competition and how competitive people in the art industry can be.

While she is constantly working on various pieces, whether it be a simple sketch or a complex painting, the pictures she likes the most tend to be the watercolor pieces she works on. She says, ” I used to be a strict pencil, pen, and colored pencil type of person, but watercolor really brings out the effect and softness in my art that I was unable to get using colored pencils.”

Vivian hopes to send the message of “do what you love.” This is because she was constantly nagged by people if all she could draw was “anime.” Ashamed to admit that it was, she attempted to change and fix her art to make it look more realistic. When she realized that the style didn’t feel like her own, she began to see how important it is to stay true to what she liked and not try to change herself or what she enjoyed just for another person.