Thoughts on the Last Quarter

Thoughts on the Last Quarter

Matt Brown, Reporter

From my perspective, I’m not ready. Break felt like 2 days and now I have to stay at the school day in and out, all until summer vacation, but, I feel like I can pull through this last quarter. I know I can get good grades and conclude this year nicely, I just need to readjust.

“My sleeping schedule isn’t in sync with this week. I need to get it together before this week is over because I can’t start the quarter falling asleep in all my classes after lunch and have my grades fall. It’d be better to start off this semester with good grades than screw up and worry about it later on.” – Sam Brown, Sophomore

“I’m hella stressed about this semester. I have so much work and it’s only been, like, 2 days since we got back from break. I just need my teachers to chill and let me sleep” – Gabi Brazzell, Junior


“I’m overwhelmed with anxiety. I have a ton of homework and I have to go to work and juggle in a workout routine. I hate being this stressed out.” – Daniella Mahler, Sophomore

“I’m actually kind of hopeful for what I can do for myself. I want to apply to several colleges and do something useful with my life. Of course I’m stressed, but I’m more excited, if anything.” – Lucas Valdez, Junior

“Why are you asking me this? I don’t even go to this school.” – Clayton Mahoney, Junior

I think the consensus is that there needs to be another break. Soon.